DIY Homemade Natural Hair Dye

You might avoid dyeing your hair for reasons that chemicals can ruin your hair by making it frizzy, dry and dead. The good news is you can get your desired hair shade naturally. And Home-made natural dye can help you get that shade you want organically.

Since it is herbal dye, it isn’t as potent as the chemical-hair dye. But it doesn’t damage your hair which can be applied every day until you reach the desired shade!



If you want a dark hair, rich brown almost black shade, mix a natural dye out of coffee or black tea. All you have to do is let it cool down and pour it over your clean hair and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes. Do this twice a week until you get the color that will satisfy you. In order to maintain the shade, do the same procedure every week or two.


Give Henna Dye a burl. It is an interesting herbal dye and is available in range of natural colors. Your hair will feel softer and you won’t experience any hair damage. Also, you will be able to enjoy and to pull off an absolutely natural, perfect color. All you have to do is to purchase a natural henna powder and add water. Make sure you’ll be able to brew it into a thick, muddy paste. Apply it in your hair and leave it for 4 hours, even overnight.


When you have patience, then you can lighten your hair naturally. It is because lightening your hair is a slow process and it is also perfect while you are out enjoying the sun by the beach or by the pool. You can only achieve this naturally by mixing a cup of fresh lemon juice with three cups of strong chamomile tea. Soak your hair with this mixture and let it dry on the sun. After drying it, rinse it and condition your hair well. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times weekly.


This works best for the ones who have natural red hair. If you want it to be redder and to have few highlights, you can choose whether to use and boil a cup of Rosehips or three bags of Hibiscus tea in two cups of water. Let it cool down and massage it well into your hair. Make sure you strain them the mixture first. This procedure is different because it is best if you won’t rinse it. Do this procedure two to three times weekly.


Cover your gray hairs naturally! Now it’s time to appreciate more of those cherry tree barks as it will help. Go get a bark and black tea leaves. Steep them together until you achieve a dark, strong liquid. Massage the mixture into your tresses or sections you want to lowlight and leave it. Again, leave it. Do not rinse it! Repeat it as many times as possible until you reach the desired shade. For maintenance, apply weekly.


Rhubarb root works as it is a very potent dye. It makes you restore that golden sheen of your graying blonde. It’s easy. You simply just have to boil three tbsp. of Rhubarb root in two cups of water. Simmer the mixture for 15 minutes. Leave it overnight to cool down, strain, and pour over your hair.


Well of course, if you are interested you can restore your natural hair! Get rid of the shade you have and restore naturally by the use of Rosemary and Sage. Also, you can literally wipe off those unwanted grays! Isn’t it great?! Just brew a strong Sage and Rosemary tea, you will be applying this on your gray patches every day. Don’t rinse.

Great Hairstyles for Oval Shape Face

Apparently, there are hairstyles that would look good on you and other styles that would not; this is because hairstyles are actually dependent on the shape of your face.

Now, check the shape of your face. If it is an oval shape, congratulate yourself as it is the most versatile face shape; meaning to say, you can wear almost any hairstyle!

Check out these hairstyles for oval faces:


  • With an oval shape face, you are free to feature whatever you want to highlight – chin, lips or cheekbones – regardless of the length. Thus, layers would look good on you!
  • You can afford to go super short hairstyles, even pixie cut! It would also show off your facial features.
  • For you ladies who can’t afford and dare to cut your hair super-short-boy-cut hair, you might want to try a regular bob cut (somewhere between shoulder-length and chin-length). It’s an awesome length you should try! It also emphasizes your chin and cheekbones and looks classy, chic and sophisticated. You can also add blunt bangs or side-swept bangs.
  • Well of course, as much as you’ll look good on short haircuts, you’re lucky to be able to get away with long, beachy-waves hairstyle!
  • Consider having bangs. They look hot if you have an oval face. You are blessed indeed! However, make sure not to cut your bangs too short otherwise they will look dated.
  • Blunt bangs and long hair…gorgeous! You’ll look like a doll!
  • You’ll look great with fresh and modern shorthair shag as well.
  • Experiment with colors, too! You can get away with all sorts of hair colors (although make sure that you will base it with your skin tone as well).
  • Dare to try pompadour. It is usually features shaved sides and puffy teased top.
  • Medium length cut would also look good on you. It is not too long but still long. You can style this haircut by adding layers and side-swept bangs.
  • Let go of your curly hair naturally. Maintain a medium to long hair length but don’t cut your hair too short. Curly hair would look great on you, too.